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On my wishlist: Stolen

26 Mrz

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Stolen von Lucy Christopher

Sixteen year old Gemma is kidnapped from Bangkok airport and taken to the Australian Outback. This wild and desolate landscape becomes almost a character in the book, so vividly is it described. Ty, her captor, is no stereotype. He is young, fit and completely gorgeous. This new life in the wilderness has been years in the planning. He loves only her, wants only her. Under the hot glare of the Australian sun, cut off from the world outside, can the force of his love make Gemma love him back? The story takes the form of a letter, written by Gemma to Ty, reflecting on those strange and disturbing months in the outback. Months when the lines between love and obsession, and love and dependency, blur until they don’t exist – almost.

320 Seiten – Paperback
EUR 8,- [D]
ISBN 978-1-9064-2713-9

On my wishlist: Two-way street

5 Mrz

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Two-way street von Lauren Barnholdt

There are two sides to every breakup.

This is Jordan and Courtney, totally in love. Sure, they were an unlikely high school couple. But they clicked; it worked. They’re even going to the same college, and driving cross-country together for orientation.

Then Jordan dumps Courtney — for a girl he met on the Internet.

It’s too late to change plans, so the road trip is on. Courtney’s heartbroken, but figures she can tough it out for a few days. La la la — this is Courtney pretending not to care.

But in a strange twist, Jordan cares. A lot.

Turns out, he’s got a secret or two that he’s not telling Courtney. And it has everything to do with why they broke up, why they can’t get back together, and how, in spite of it all, this couple is destined for each other.

304 Seiten – Taschenbuch
EUR  7,60 [D]
ISBN: 978-1-4169-1318-4



Es ist gerade auf meinem Amazon-Wunschzettel gelandet, zusammen mit ungefähr 10 anderen Büchern. Ob ich die wohl je alle haben werde?
Ich mag das Cover & der Text klingt auch interessant – und nach „Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour“ bin ich jetzt ein bisschen auf dem Road-Trip Trip & frag mich schon, wie ich meine Freunde für einen begeistern kann :D